A very leggy rambling rose


I have a very leggy rambling rose, its Felicite Perpetua (white). Due to a health problem I haven't been able to look after my plants very well.  I bought the rose from a very reputable garden centre , it was a very healthy plant . I planted it in a large ceramic pot , it was lovely for a time and flowered . But due to the fact that its rained almost continually and I live in mild Cornwall its gone leggy. There is foliage at the top but the bottom is devoid of foliage . Should I prune it and if so how?

I would really appreciate some advice please image


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,652

    It is normal for roses to lose foliage over winter.   In hard ones, mine lose them completely.   Rambler roses flower on last season's wood so you should only prune it now to remove any dead or broken stems then tie in any which are flapping about and likely to get damaged by wind or interfere with passers by.

    Formative pruning should be done after flowering to encourage new shoots and improve the shape.  Here is what the RHS advises - http://apps.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/profile.aspx?pid=169

    Roses are hungry plants so I would also add a top dressing of dry rose food now and again in March.  When watering, occasional liquid feeds with rose or tomato food up until June will also help with flowering.

    The Vendée, France
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    Thank you so much - great advice image))

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,652

    You're welcome.   FP is a lovely rose.

    The Vendée, France
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