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Talkback: How to grow a peanut plant

brilliant a couple of my patients were discussing this one said to give it go other said stay away!! however i cant find any plants in garden centre near here any help any one please


  • Why did the patient say leave it, it would have been good to show this growen from seed rather than a plant, I have never seen a peanut tree.
  • I have just planted 3 peanuts from a small kit bought from Aldi. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. I would have liked the video to show how it progresses from a small plant to producing the peanuts.
  • negarnegar Posts: 1
    How can downlode this video?
  • DianaWDianaW Posts: 62
    Squirrels are forever planting peanuts in my garden but I've never succeeded in lifting any of the resulting plants to grow on in a place I want it.
  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    Peanuts or ground nuts is a vine and the nuts grow under ground in a casing, usually containing up to three peanuts.The vine grows wild in the tropics and needs hot  and sunny conditions to produce the peanuts. They are easy to grow(Diana W is right) and will sprout from the peanuts if you buy the UNROASTED in shell ones.In the tropics the shoots are nipped to encourage the vine to spread and grow quickly. The shoots taste like the broad bean shoots(I nip them(BB) to try and avoid black fly infestation), but you need lots as they shrink like spinach when cooked.

    I tried growing peanuts and sweet potato here, in the GH, but failed miserably!! The foliage of the sweet potato was lovely though and would look good if trained around a support !! This was a couple of years ago. 

    I have seen ads. for both plants in plant catalogs so maybe they have produced plants that have been adapted to grow in the UK.imageimage



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