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pinning down weed control fabric

any ideas out there?I have the fabric but when looking for pegs i realise the ground is pretty hard as it had paving over before, and i dont think i will get the pegs,neither plastic or metal into the ground! i have a plastic cloche there new and cannot get the pins for that into the ground.Any ideas for keeping the fabric down so i can shingle on top and create my kitchen garden?  sarah


  • There are heavy duty pegs out there that you can buy which are stronger than the standard (tent pegs) that you can buy.

  • Excitable BoyExcitable Boy Posts: 165

    I got these for mine - about 15p each if you buy 100, but I don't know whether you need that many:

    <span>2 of GARDEN GROUND COVER PEGS - 100 PACK

    Nice and strong and do what they say.

  • LokelaniLokelani Posts: 112

    I've put it under bark & gravel & in each case the weight of those was all that pinned it down as such. I taped the joins. So unless it's very slopey in which case your shingle may have problems anyway, you may not need to peg it down as such.

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