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Long garden needs design help


As part of our house renovation we’re tackling the garden (no mean feat). The patio is pretty much complete as this is predominantly slate running out the same height as the kitchen floor. We’ve created a white block cavity perimeter wall, which will contain plants and up lighters. We’ll be capping the lower cavity with dark wood so it can act as some casual seating. Now we need to look at the rest of the garden… as we have a young family we’re looking for something that’s low maintenance (where possible), safe and enjoyable. We were thinking about running mostly lawn from the patio to the willow but are conscious a lawn will struggle under the willow and close to the beech hedging either side. Personally I think some sort of path is also needed for the winter months otherwise things will quickly get messy however my better half isn’t convinced by a path… We currently have a swing hanging from the Willow and are considering putting an area of play chippings or bark under it to make it safe and get over the lack of lawn issue. We are also thinking of building a climbing frame so have earmarked area A (marked in pink on the diagram) as the best place for this as next door have a huge conifer which puts this area in the shade, again this will contain bark or play chippings. For the allotments I’m going to clear this, create several troughs, weed mat the base and cover with paving’s and gravel, I’ll tackle this another year when I have more timeimage I’m after suggestions, perhaps ideas on path types, where’s the best to place to run one to maximize lawn, maybe some suggestions on something that will give more interest to the area, open to any suggestions.


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