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Last summer squirrels ruined most of my pots, small and large, by constantly digging massive holes in the compost, thereby digging up all the plants. What's the best way of deterring them?


  • They are a nightmare in my garden too and so brazen! However our new, young female cat seems to have taken it upon herself to make their lives a lot more difficult by chasing them at any opportunity! Funny, because our older male cat just ignores them...Anyway I have not really found anything else to be effective. I have read that some robust wire pegged over the compost can work though. Good luck and let me know if you find a solution.
  • Abbie2Abbie2 Posts: 15

    Someone told me today the same about the wire, but she said to sprinkle bloodmeal on top of the compost as they can't stand the smell - I'll try anything!!

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