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Non Flowering Daffodills

My Daffodills have all come up, I planted them in groups in 2009. I have fed them and loved them and spoken to them nicely, left them to die down before removing their leaves, but in each group only a couple of them have flowered and I have got mostly leaves. Last year and the year before they flowered so well and looked so lovely but this year its as if they are on strike. I am sure that someone out there in our great gardening family can tell me why and may be what to do.


  • Hello donutmrs, do they get enough sun? It's worth checking that the bulbs are planted deeply in the ground. If they're quite shallow, dig them up and plant them at three times the depth (length) of each bulb, and feel them with a high potash fertiliser such as comfrey solution. It's also a good idea to remove spent flowers, so the plants don't waste energy producing seed. Good luck for next year!


  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 486

    Thank you Kate, they are in quite a sunny position and yes I do remove spent flowers but I will lift them this year and replant and hopefully they should be flowering better next year. At least I've got a few in flower, so its not all bad.

  • Oh well you're doing better than me! I've decided my garden is too shady for daffs


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