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SPECIAL OFFER Sarcococca confusa



  • I hope the plants are lovely!! I'm so excited, my first internet order apart from bulbs!!!


    which of those fishing rod plants is the best then, will they grow against hedge or do they need lots of sun. How much room do they need??

  • The voice of reason against an impulsive baby!!!! Been asking a researching for quite a while and then I thought sod it let's buy, but I could easily get the taste!!!! Promise no buying anymore!!! Soon be time to start potting up my cuttings or sowing my seeds!!!! Now thats exciting!!!!


    * Red Dahlia * wrote (see)

    Verdun you are truly evil what have you done I have just purchased 36 pounds worth of plants!!!!!!!! Maybe I should not admit to doing this when asked!!!! The plant fairy ordered them!!!

    agastache red flame

    dicentra spectBilis

    echium. Russicum


    euphorbia ascot

    veronica Royal



    anyone got and hints and tips on how to care for these plants. Ie when to prune, how to stop them going leggy etc

  • You make it sound sooo easy! Thankyou, will write in my notebook tonight. The agastache does this have to be lifted and brought in every winter even if not divided??

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