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SPECIAL OFFER Sarcococca confusa



  • Will do. Just wanted to play off all of your knowledge. is that offer good or are there better value/ better varieties! I want every plant but it sounds like it is good if I can trim to a shape keep compact is evergreen and creates a smell!! ????

  • I was possibly thinking one for the back and 2 shaped in pots or one for the back and one for each bed at the front. It depends if I can source cheaper or better variety!!

  • your just egging me on aren't you, I really really like the 3 white hellebores called white frills or something. Again 3 for £20 so one for each site I'm my head!!!! I will just tell my partner that Verdun said I had to!!!

  • Verdun you are truly evil what have you done I have just purchased 36 pounds worth of plants!!!!!!!! Maybe I should not admit to doing this when asked!!!! The plant fairy ordered them!!!

    agastache red flame

    dicentra spectBilis

    echium. Russicum


    euphorbia ascot

    veronica Royal ...

  • Only thing is I may now have to action the plan to make boarders at the front, I'm running out of space!!! image

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