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Talkback: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2009 - companion planting

It would be useful if there were lists of recommended books on the subject. The article was very useful but I am sure that it does not tell the whole story in such a short space. Do R.H.S. publish anything on this subject? David.


  • Great short and sweet green way to fight pests and encorage wildlife.. more of this please.
  • Try putting pots of marigolds in the greenhouse, you'll never have whitefly again. Also mix herbs in with the veg.
  • I was going to have a separate herb garden but now I'll mix them in with the rest. A garden without herbs is not a garden! :-)
  • would also like titles of recomended books on subject of companion growing
  • fantastic article. I#m now reconsidering my planting for the new year.
  • great good advice and information thanks. jo.
  • A very useful article. My veg patch will be more colourful and productive next year. Definitely one for the scrapbook. Thank you. Barbara.
  • I do not seem to be able to read your replies to the comments and would appreciate your advice re. access.
  • Really interesting. I will take your advise.
  • Being new to gardening i find your articles very helpful. Loved the recent one about mixing herbs with plants.
    One question when you say deadhead flowers is it the top or whole stalk like Iris?
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