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Clean trousers

PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,298

When I come oin site there is often the picture of a gentleman resting his foot on a digging implement. His boots and trousers are CLEAN.

My question is, How the h...l does he do that?. I only have to walk down to the veg patch to be covered in mud, even after a 2 year drought.



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,420

    No real gardener has clean boots and trousers. 

    I can't even get from the back door to the car and stay really clean

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Sometimes I don't even have to go outside! 

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Thus is the magic of advertising!

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I should have called myself Muck Magnet. I only walk outside and look and my nails get dirty.

  • They obviously think mud and dirt out people off gardening, but the truth is, nearly all of us have clothes with holes in from the attack of the bramble, pollen all over our clothes and in our hair from passing plants, soil stuck like cement to out footwear and all up our trousers, it's really not glamorous!
  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Totally agree Ryan, you should also see what I wear for gardening. image

  • Haha! I have gone into crisis mode, going to a posh do at the weekend and have literally no 'nice clothes' even my jeans have grass stains on them! Me thinks a trip to primark may be in order. Can't afford decent clothes, all my money's gone on seeds and seed trays!image
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,420

    Good to see you've got your priorities right Ryanimage

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,298

    My Father was one of those people who could walk across a ploughed field and come out the other end with not a drop of soil anywhere, not even on the soles of his shoes. I used to watch carefully to see it his feet actually touched the ground at all.

    Then he used to go mad at me for having dirty shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

    No justice.

    Bet that model had long finger nails and clean ones at that too.

  • Its not just gardening that makes me dirty. If I do any painting I get more over me than the walls, especially when using a paint roller, I end up with a speckled face and get blotches on my hair if doing the ceilingimage

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