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Honeysuckle help needed!

Can anyone give me some advice, please? I had a metal archway in my garden that has 2 honeysuckle growing up it .......I say 'had' & 'has' cos the arch was rusting away and finally died in the high winds but the plants are still attached to it. They were quite top heavy plants



  • sorry.....suddenly stopped letting me write I was about to say ........they are lying flat on the ground at the moment, thit had v little growth lower down, it's all up top. Also, it's started budding already. Sadly the label seems to have rotted so I have no idea whthe they are.

  • Don't panic - honeysuckle is something of a thug, so just cut back to a bud, or even down to the ground and it should sprout up vigorously, even if you don't want it to!

    Good luck - and leave the berries on in the autumn for the birds.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,922

    I agree with gardenning granny image  I'd cut them right back, even to about 12 - 18 inches from the ground - are you going to get another arch for them?  

    Show us some photos when they flower and we'll have a go at identifying them for you image

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,427

    I agree with gg.Cut them back and let them grow to their new supports. They'll never look right otherwise

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  • Thank you all! Very prompt replies!! I'm so scared of cutting them back hard.......I have a weird thing where stuff grows amazingly for me.........or just gives up. I know it's what I have to do though.......I shall hold my breath and just do it. Altho', all the buds seem to be at the top.......what if there are no buds lower down?

    i did leave the berries on, gardening granny........there were loads last year! Hope the birds enjoyed them.

    yes, dovefromabove, I was going to get another arch but I'm unsure if I can find one I can afford. Also, I put the arch in the wrong place shades my 'floor' hammock in the afternoon. Anyone got any ideas for what I can do? 

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,847

    If you cut them back you would have more growth lower down, it wouldn't all be at the top.

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  • Hmmmm! That's an idea, verdin, thanks! Tho' I'd need 4 rods cos it arches over an entrance to another part of the garden.........suppose I could find a new entry?! How would I take cuttings! I have tried before but with no success. I'm a pretty rubbish gardener........I'm the only human who got 3 courgettes from 7 plants........oh, and whose Jerusalem artichokes 'disappeared' after getting to 2' high (I've been told that once you have them  they're there for life!)

  • You may well find that you have seedlings coming up if you allowed the berries to fall!

    and you're not the only one whose "rampant" plants fizzle out, I only got 2 courgettes off a dozen plants when all my friends were complaining of huge harvests - on the other hand I had abundant tomatoes from self-saved seed where others did not do so well - swings and roundabouts - and loads of enthusiasm.

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