cordyline austrailis

I have a 6 ft high cordyline in my garden its healthy so far I have had no problems with it, planted it nearly 4 years ago now from a small plant, I have been looking on the internet and most of the cordylines on there look like palm trees, mine even though 6ft still looks just like a much bigger version of the little plant I put in 4 years ago, should I be doing some thing to make it look like a tree,


  • AtillaAtilla Posts: 1,493

    It naturally splits into multi-heads after about 6-10ft. It then starts to looks more like a palm tree. So just leave it and it will naturally do the needful when older.

  • I have one I planted in my garden around 10 years ago that had got too big for its pot without realising that the plant was a baby palm. My plant got to around 10 feet as a single stem but after a bad winter the top rotted and died back but by the summer had 3 new shoots growing from the bark which grew on to become 'branches' giving it it's palm shape. It is now around 15 feet tall and has flowered the last two summers. The bees love the flowers their fragrance fill the garden in the evenings and I've found starlings like the seeds in the winter. I managed to save some seed and germinated them last year and have 8 healthy babies to plant out in pots this summer. Your plant will get there on its own just remove any tatty or old leave from the bottom up and over time it will form a trunk.

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