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Windowsill planter

Hi All,

First time to the forums. I'm just getting into gardening. I'm trying to find some long pots/planters that I could have indoors on my windowsill to take advantage of the warm growing space (not quite got the greenhouse sorted yet. Any suggestions?




  • DATDAT Posts: 7

    Polyanthus   with short thivk stems are ideal for for windowsill boxes add some herbs     mint parsley chives very handy

  • Hi Giles

    I invested in 2 Super 7 heated propagator's last year, they are long and thin and each has 7 little trays for sowing a variety of seed at the same time, and when placed side by side on my south facing kitchen windowsill they fit perfectly (much to the annoyance of my Mrs) but if you don't want to go to the expence? I used to just place 2 half seed trays inside a full seed tray, sow my seed and cover with either cling film or place inside a plastic bag which did the job just as well!!         It's just having the advantage of a bit of bottom heat, it means I can start sowing a little earlier than I used to be able to. 

    Hope this helps!!

    Happy Gardening!!

  • Thanks for the suggestions

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