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Raised beds

I have just built two raised beds and I am getting top soil tomorrow what do I do next need help please


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    dig in well rotted  manure . or compost . leaf mould image

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    If you don't already have any of the above, which I'd recommend as first's, mushroom compost can be bought very cheaply from small nursery's for just over a £1 a bag and can be dug in. 

  • So can I grow any veg in that
  • I got my topsoil today and it was very wet I put it in any way but what can I do to help it dry out or do I just leave it help please
  • All soil is wet at the moment so I wouldn't worry yet. It is too early to plant now anyway. Additionally raised beds drain well so as the weather warms and you begin growing crops you may find you need to water more frequently. I would leave all alone, let things settle and the worms begin their work and wait for the soil to warm for planting. 

  • I would let it drain by itself, the lazy man's option. By their very nature raised beds are free-draining and it will very quickly dry out when the rain stops.

  • Does anyone no the right name for chicken manure please
  • archiepemarchiepem Posts: 1,155
    Steven Hancock wrote (see)
    Does anyone no the right name for chicken manure please


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