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I am going to try and grow some potatoes in sacks I know Ihave to earth them up as they are growing but when do you harvest please ,is it after the  flowers have died or during flowering? 


  • I would say that in general once they start to flower they are getting close to being ready but it won`t matter if you leave then until the flowers have finished. Once they start to flower see if you can find tubers just under the soil surface. That usually gives an indication of some of the smaller ones. If they are not very big leave them a bit longer. Another tip is to know which variety you grow, i.e. is it a first or second early or a main crop variety as the latter take longer to mature. Another sure sign that they have reached their peak is that the haulm (stem) will start to die back naturally. Hope that helps and good luck.

  • in my town, it;s after flowering

  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    hope you get better luck than i did when I tried it... was not worth all my trouble... so now i plant in garden anywhere I feel like inbetween other things.. defo after flowering but can be left longer...watering is ket as its a wter veg.. no water then tiny pots I`m afraid...jean

  • Thankyou ,so it seems it is best to be patient and let the flowers die back for the best crop and plenty of water.

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