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pelargonium cuttings in winter

I took some pelargonium cuttings in the autumn, and they are on a windowsill in an unheated garage,  They look OK.  If we have heavy frost or snow, should I bring them into the house until Spring, or will it be sufficient to put fleece over them?



  • BiljeBilje Posts: 771

    Hi I'm no expert but I overwinter my geraniums in the garage, it has a window, it is frost free but if I thought it would be perishing cold I bring the most vulnerable and/or precious indoors on a window sill, yes it's a right faff. The drawback for me is my little house is warm and windows double glazed to the cuttings grow towards the light so get leggy. No easy answer is there!

  • This could be me talking here, I'm doing the same thing. The things that are different I can see is that 1. our boiler is in the garage so does not get damp or cold and 2. I have surrounded them with white card and polystyrene to reflect the light back on to the plants.

  • Thanks, guys, I'll try the fleece for now.

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