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 I'm new to this site and to gardening, My apologies if this question has been asked before, i did try look.. I recently bought a few young Clematis plants various types they range in height from 12" to 36" they are all in small pots and very green ie not ripe or wodden stemed, they are of various pruning groups and species, my question/s are should i pot them on and put them in my poly tunnel? pot them on and put them outside in a sunny sheltered area? or plant them straight in the ground? i know some answers will depend on particular species and pruning groups i do have a few early flowering Montanas & a few C Viticellas, my gut feeling is to pot them on keep them out during decent weather bring them in before winter and frost, but should i prune them right down when i pot them on? I hope these questions make sense..

Thanx in advance



  • Hello Percy-Grower,

    The clematis types that you name are hardy. At this time of year you would often only see new green shoots coming from clematis because the woody stems have previously been cut back. They should be fine planted out now, but do watch out for attacks by slugs and snails, as they can nibble the young stems. It sound like you have a lovely collection.

    Emma team

  • Hi Emma

    First of all thanx for taking the time to reply and also thanx for the advice.

    Yes i decided it's time to spruce up the perimiter of the garden tis a bit dull just looking at trees so thought a collection of clematis and climbing roses would do the job, i have already planted two older montanas in the garden and included a wire fence (to stop the rabbits) round them and slug pellets scatterd around. As much as i love wildlife them pesky wabbits are a real problem in my area i supose this is for another forum topic but since i am here, is there any tried and tested means of getting rid of rabbits from your garden, rabbit proofing my garden is possible but given the perimeter and size of garden would be impractical and expensive, besides if i rabbit proofed my garden how would the hedgehogs get in?



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