Mossy lawns

Our lawn is a third weeds, third moss and third grass.  Is there any benefit to weed and feed products?


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    If money isn't an issue, I'd go for a product called Mo Bacter.

    It's an organic fertiliser which also has the added benefit of being a very good moss killer, and the moss actually rots down and disappears on it's own, so no raking out of the dead thatch is required.

    Sadly I can't justfy the cost of Mo Bacter this year and will just be using Ever Green complete, along with the hassle of lots of raking.image

  • There can be if you want to aim for the "perfect" lawn. These products can reduce your moss and weed problem leaving you with the stronger growing grass although you are likely to have to re-seed some areas if bald patches appear.

    You can try to reduce the moss problem by scarifying the area then airating and sifting in sharp sand. This will help reduce the thatch and better aid drainage. You can also take out large lawn weeds with a trowel ie dandelion & plantain. Both of these again may mean that you have to re-seed some areas where bare patches are left.

  • Last time I got the moss out of my garden after poisoning it ,I scarifide and the result .

    13 big bags (the white ones builders use) next problem transporting it to the tip lend a van ,did so and this year the moss is back as bad as ever.

    Would like to make holes in it but have only a hand and foot machine to do it and the lawn is nearly 500 square meters .

    So any help would be thankfully recieved.

    Cheers and dirty hands to you all.image

  • scarifing and aeroation will help i use evergreen complete but due to the lack of rain i found it about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Im trailing a few liquid feeds including seaweed based one. I have uesed evergreen for last 5 years and had a lot of faith but due to the dry weather its time for a change

  • An electric scarifyer is the only answer. My lawn is 40o/o moss, and I've given up on killers because of the unsightly bare patches & the hard work of racking up, re-seeding etc. I have replaced some of the worst patches with new turf, & altho' looked strange for the first year - has now blended in well. Learn to love the moss, 'cause it's here to stay!

  • Should you reseed after applying mo bacter? If so, how long after applying mo bacter should you reseed?
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