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Forcing Rhubarb

I have a large rhubarb plant under a compost bin so it's in the dar all of the time.

The stems are growing really well and the leaves are very small and a nice pale green.

Do I keep the plant in the dark all of the time (as I assume they do in commercial setups?) or do I take the compost bin off at some time and allow the plant to get more light and to then grow the large leaves?

Any help/advice would be very welcome.


  • You should at some time let the plant come back to normal growing conditions in the light. If you don`t then over time the plant will become weak. If you can have about three plants on the go then this would be ideal as you would force one plant every three years, letting it recover in the years that you are not forcing it.

  • Thank you for that information; I couldn't find it anywhere... image

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