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Cordless Hedge Trimers

I want to purchase a cordless Hedge Trimmer for the difficult parts at the top of the ladder. Has anyone got any experience of the cordless ones.


  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    Yes, I wouldn't use anything else.

    Although people using electric ones are supposed to use a cut-out, I've never been convinced that hedgecutters and electric cables mix well.

    But the main reason why I prefer cordless is that of convenience. There is no cable to have to mess around with. I have a plenty of hedge which is not easy to get a cable to, apart from dragging the cable over flower beds etc.

    The battery life will be limited, to around 20 minutes before it needs a recharge. But I take that as an opportunity to tidy up what I've done. And the batteries don't last forever and so will need replacing after a few years, depending on how much you use them. Personally, I like the Bosch range. The one I have came supplied with two batteries, to allow to for around 40 minutes of cutting.

    You can of course also get hedge trimmers that will fit on the end of a tall pole, to enable you to cut along the top of a hedge without using a ladder. Personally I use the ladder.

  • I agree with Gary. The Bosch Lithium Ion range are excellent with very strong batteries which are quick to charge. Cables are a nuisance and cumbersome so go for the cordless if you can.

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