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I posted recently about bird damage to my lawn and  chafer grub was/is the culprit.  I treated the lawn with the recommended lawn grub killer and now two weeks on the birds are still active and the grubs still alive; am I being impatient in expecting the treatment to work in two weeks?   I shall give the lawn another treatment - my question is  about the dozens of small holes in the lawn; in your experience will the lawn recover by itself  when the problem is sorted.,,,,,although I understand the grubs eat the roots so I guess some reseeding will be necessary - your advice on  how best  to proceed would be appreciated.  I have little or no knowledge of lawn care save mowing, although I have scarified the lawn in an attempt to make things a little better (or worse maybe).

Many thanks.


  • pinkpeonypinkpeony Posts: 107

    Christopher2 - many thanks.  The lawn was well watered after treatment and we had a day of rain; dilution was as per pack directions.  I'll rake the lawn and re-treat.


    Thanks again

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