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Challenging clay

Please could someone advise me on what to add to my clay soil to break it down, so that it is easier to manage when planting.


  • gy020298gy020298 Posts: 7

    u should use horse manure, it breaks the soil down really well and improves drainage. I have clay soil then bought horse manure and put it on my clay soil and mixed it in, it created a fine tilthimage or u could use soil improver which is also good!)

  • EdentoyEdentoy Posts: 61

    Totally agree with no1gardener2 horse manure seems to break down soil more efficiently than cow manure.Pile it on and dig well in

  • Add any organic matter you can lay your hands on. Sharp sand, grit, old compost, mushroom compost as well as old straw bedding from stables. Remember that horse manure should always be well rotted before you add to the garden,.
  • Agree here. Any organic matter will help improve the structure of clay soil. Well rotted manure,garden compost, soil improver sand and grit will help to open up clay soil and make it more workable. This will also help to hold moisture in the soil and so stop your soil baking hard and cracking in dry weather. Good luck and hope its not too back breaking.

  • Thank you all for your advice.., as I have caught the gardening bug,  I will be back for more really soon.!!

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