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Talkback: Making nettle beer

GeorgeUKGeorgeUK Posts: 4
There is one plant called white dead nettle that is a first class early flower for bumblebees and I know you like bumblebees!


  • I certainly do! And dead nettles are lovely. I'm hoping some self-seed into my garden!

  • oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
    Hi Kate,I have dug out three large bag's of nettle's growing in the wrong place,I have left the clump growing round my compost bin's for the wind life they are out of sight of Mrs Oldchippy so she can't comp lane.

  • Oh that's good. It sounds like Mrs oldchippy likes things ship-shape. A clump of nettles around your compost bins will work wonders.

  • think i might be making this beer...
  • ysdidysdid Posts: 1
    Well, how did the beer turn out?
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