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why is my mustard seedlings dying?

This is my first year growing Mustard greens from seed, i've got the to seedlings growing them in a 12cm pot with muti compost, however the leaves have started to droop and rot, they growing in a greenhouse in a patio that can get warm but cold on a night, please help me. Any advice would be most welcome.


  • Hi Mandy Try repotting them and bring into the house, perhaps on the kitchen window. Also cover them with a plastic bag at night until fully established. Good Luck. Reminds me of a bible verse "faith as small as a mustard seed is Faith indeed!
  • Ive had a lot of my young seedlings killed off through damping off. Control the water you use and keep them on the dry side. Cover with fleece or card if a frost is forecast.

    Kinds Regards


  • Mandy2Mandy2 Posts: 9

    Thanks Christine will try it, and thanks Stephen, i do tend to overwater things, dear me.

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