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Everedge steel lawn edging?



  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,750

    There is a plastic version similar to that shown in the photo.  It's much cheaper and has the potential advantage that it won't bend mower blades image

  • Worry with plastic it may be brittle or fade! Correct me if I'm wrong!!! 

  • Mrs GMrs G Posts: 336

    I am planning something similar for next year to separate beds from lawn.  Was looking at this:

    I am sick off telling people to stop standing on my lawn edges!



  • I got some galvanised lawn edging from e-bay at a fraction of the price.

    Gardman do it but there is a no-name version which retails for around £10 for

    5m x 160mm (16' 3" x 6.5") which includes delivery.

    I got some last year and plan to make a start with it soon. It says it's rot proof and maintenance free but I was thinking of spraying it with hammerite.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,750
    * Red Dahlia * wrote (see)

    Worry with plastic it may be brittle or fade! Correct me if I'm wrong!!! 

    It may do over time but I've had some edging my front garden for a few years and it's OK still at present.

  • BluebaronBluebaron Posts: 226
    The plastic smartedge looks good and is well priced but I'm wondering how long it will last.

    All the reviews I see are good has anyone had any experience with this product?
  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,464

    Well I've taken the plunge and ordered 10m of Everedge galvanised edging and one of their 900mm rings (to go around trees). I'll take some photos during installation and post them here.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,750

    I'm also interested to hear experiences with Smartedge.  I have approximately 50 metres to edge.

  • This is a top class product It far outlasts almost all other edging .  You get what you pay for and this is the bees knees.  Plastic goes hard and spits /splinters and as for log edging seven year before it rots some hope.  I have only had one other product this comes anywhere tnear everedge and they were genuine victorian edging tiles however they are pricey and get chipped.

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