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Ena Harkness climbing rose

CharleyDCharleyD Posts: 440

After several days' research, I've decided that an Ena Harkness climbing rose is the one for me.  It will have a nice wall to climb up and lots of sun up to about 2pm.  Do you think though, it will be happy if I contain it to 6 foot or would it be an option to let it grow over the top of the wall and down the other side?  It would have about 4 foot space at the bottom.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,957

    Climbing roses should have their main stems trained as close to the horizontal as possible.  This encourages the formation of side shoots which bear the blooms, so restricting it to 6ft is do-able.

    However, one of the flaws/attributes of Ena Harkness is the fact that the blooms have a 'weak neck' and so hang down and are best seen from below - it works very well on a pergola as you can look up from beneath - only you can tell whether restricting it to 6ft will let you see it's blooms at their best.  

    I know you've done a lot of research, but if you decide that you will not see the roses at their best if it has to be confined to below 6ft , you might like to consider Etoile de Hollande instead - it has many similarities to Ena Harkness but the blooms don't droop so can be enjoyed at eye level and below.


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  • CharleyDCharleyD Posts: 440

    Thanks Dovefromabove.  What you have said is definitely a consideration although I think it should be ok as our garden is sloped so in actual fact, we will be looking up to the wall anyway, when we stand in front of it although from our conservatory we'll look across and from the verandah looking down but I would just enjoy the scent from that aspect but I think I just need to think about this for a bit longer.  I love the Etoile de Holland but I see it needs full sun and flowers and stops and starts again while as the Ena Harkness carries on blooming right the way through the summer.  Isn't this all so interesting though?!   I only got into gardening last April and now I seem to spend all my time either in the garden or on line researching what to buy next image  Thanks for your help.

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