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Strong Dog Urine

I have a large male dog with very strong smelling urine. I am creating an area along one side of garden by laurel hedge with log posts to encourage him to go there, which he does.

Problem the smell as you walk over the grass up to the hedge is terrible, and I cannot grow anything. Planning to put some new turf up to the area and would like to have some planting. How can I dilute the urine without it killing anything nearby?Watering the area just makes a mess, we have clay soil.

Any suggestions appreciated

The dog is fit and does not have any health issues.


  • Hello batlady,

    Have you looked around the forum? There are are few posts about dogs and gardens including this discussion of dog urine on lawns. I'm sure you'll find some helpful responses.

    Emma team

  • geffgeff Posts: 4

    small amount of ketchup on his food will help kill the smell sounds mad but works

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