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What's your day been like?

Its been a lovely sunny day here in Aberdeen, Cold, but sunny. Cleaned the car this morning, that was the boring bit, then went to the post office to send off the seeds I promised folk last week. After that a lovely drive with OH to our local garden centre at Inverurie to buy seed compost, some of my seeds for this year need sowing in January according to the packet.

Back home and the rest of the day washing seed trays and prop lids. Now hanging on the washing line, I kept singing to myself, 'Hang out your seed trays on the Seigfried Line and smile, smile, smile.

What has everyone been up to?



  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Spent the whole day gardening.  the brambles in the spinney grew so well last year they hit the soil and rooted so I have to get them out now so I can see my snowdrops, a few of which are showing white buds.  My face was feeling it had caught the sun it was sunny all day with a brilliant blue wall to wall sky.  No wind either and hands did not feel cold even working.  What a respite from a month of stormy weather!

  • allium2allium2 Posts: 413

    Well, was hoping some of the seeds I have ordered on Sunday might have arrived. Alas, no image. I am looking forward to the three new roses I ordered arriving shortly. I should probably start to clean all my pots and trays ready for the new season - can't wait!

    What is the best way to clean pots? 






  • hi Allium2

    I just use hot water and washing up liquid. You need to wash away any fungal diseases that might be present but at the same time not leave anything in the pot to hurt the plants.

  • No expertNo expert Posts: 415

    I wash my pots with dilute Jayes Fluid. Kills everything. Leave them to drain down before restacking.

    Spent the morning cleaning twigs, leaves and other debris from tarmac.

    Sowed 18 Ash trees from home grown stock.

    Took 3 buckets of spuds from pit and sorted into different sizes. Washed a bag for daughter going back to uni tomorrow.

    Chopprd some wood for fire.

    What a lovely bright, cold beautiful day after all the rain and wind. Tomorrow is promised to be wet again and driving to Galway ,2hour drive there and back. Supose I must pay for the good day today.

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...haven't washed a pot in my gardening life...not that I recommend this as a way forward...well, I do,..but then I can't recall when I last did any ironing either...

    ...don't garden mid-Dec - mid-Feb... I notice some bulbs coming up and I think a dead Camellia... it can wait.... I find reading a pleasure at this time of year.... that's what I've done today....   I hope others have been more productive...image

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    After tracking a garden order, I waited in half the morning for the delivery, then mid morning went to have my hair done leaving the neighbour on full alert for the delivery. Was ever so disappointed when it didn't arrive so contacted the delivery service, they want to charge an extra £12 to deliver on Saturday making delivery costs £17.99...image...and they could not give a day or time next week when they can deliver...not a happy bunny...image...have just e-mailed the company to say how disappointed I am, the order is on it's way back and hope this can be resolved as I really have enjoyed shopping with them.

    On a more positive note it's been blue skies here in the NW. Received an e-mail to say I'm on an allotment list of only 5/6 people...and spoke to another and am being considering for a shared allotment...image   

  • allium2allium2 Posts: 413

    Thanks for the advice Mark 1963 and No expert. Looks like washing all the pots and trays is next job on the list image.

  • Hi Zoomer44

    Good news about the allotment. I might venture that way myself one day.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,868

    I never wash pots unless they're totally mud covered and mostly they're not.

    Plants grow in dirt. 

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Zoomer, please let us know which company is being so difficult about deliveries so the rest of us can avoid them.image

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