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Bird Seed

I have just bought some bird seed from an Amazon supplier and wanted to share it with members - I am so pleased with it!

This is very reasonably priced mixed seed, especially considering it is delivered to your door:

It is £15.98 for 20kg including delivery.

The seed has less sunflower seeds in than my old brand and more yellow 'bits' (not sure what they are). Anyway, within a couple of days I have found that I am coming down in the morning to find birds literally queuing at both of my feed stations for it. Unfortunately it is all gone within a few minutes which is a bit frustrating, but I suppose it proves the point - that is that they love it. I always sneak some more seeds out for the LBJ's once the Jackdaws and Wood Pigeons have snaffled it all so all my birds are happy.

I'm always on the look out for good seed, I hope this helps some other bird enthusiasts on the forum.

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