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Talkback: How to grow pineapples

would tomato feed be suitable for growing pineapples


  • Pippa14Pippa14 Posts: 1
    What kind of feed should I give the Pineapple?
  • AneWonAneWon Posts: 2
    Many years ago I was told about growing pineapples, so I had a go! I used to slice off the rosette with a few centimeters of the pineapple attached. Then get a plant pot more or less the circumference of the pineapple piece I cut off, and filled it with compost to within a few centimeters of the top. Covered the compost with a thin layer of grit-sand then watered just enough to wet it - don't saturate the compost. I pushed the rosette firmly onto the compost and placed it on the kitchen windowsill. Hey presto, it rooted! So I potted it on. Many more followed!!

  • I am going to give this a go.I do not have a greenhouse/conservatory would it be alright in my living room window.
  • meowmeow Posts: 2
    i will add this to my to do list :) thank you
  • I did a pineapple last year. It's doing really well but not sure when to feed it. I brought it in over winter but when would be the best time to put it back in the green house?
  • nattynannattynan Posts: 1

    hi carol downton here going  to have a go with the pineapple xximage

  • daydreamdaydream Posts: 3

    already grow lemon from pip have also grown orange and peanut going to try this as well all in a shed dont have a greenhouse 

  • what is the minimum night time temperature required
  • this will and some thing different to the green house or in the house
  • I have grown one on the windowsill, it's still growing 6 months on.
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