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Pyracantha leaf problem

Can anyone help please? Established pyracantha growing up wall. Leaves nearly all have a 'silver' look in the centre, extending the length of the leaf. On closer inspection the top layer of the leaf has separated from the rest of the leaf but remains attached at the edges, so this 'silvering' is the top layer sitting apart from the rest. Any ideas why this has happened and if we need to do anything about it? If so, what?



  • Hello Pauline,

    These symptoms sound like the disease silver leaf, which affects plants in the same family as pyracantha. This is a fungal infection, which causes the upper leaf surface to separate from the rest of the leaf, making the leaf look silver.

    However, adverse weather, drought, insects and poor feeding can also cause these symptoms.

    To investigate the cause, cut an affected stem where it is wider than 2.5cm, and look for a brown stain inside.

    The best way to avoid silver leaf infection is by only pruning susceptible species in the summer. If you find the brown stains, cut back to 15cm lower than the stain. Keep disinfecting your pruning tools with a household disinfectant, as you prune. Burn the pieces you cut away.

    In the meantime, make sure your shrub is well-fed and well-watered to give it the best chance of recovery if it does have silver leaf, or to avoid these symptoms if they are simply caused by plant stress.

    Good luck.

    Emma team

  • DrlloydDrlloyd Posts: 5

    i advice in a nice  watered down licker  made from manure this might pirk the plant up 

  • Thanks folks, will cut into the plants and see if any brown stain. Fingers crossed.

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