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so the toms leeks and parsnips whats your plans for the weekend


  • MagicHMagicH Posts: 11

    This weekend I will mostly be sowing seeds in my little potting shed to go in my greenhouse. I will of course be accompanied by a large flask of tea and a portable CD player for my audiobook cd's.

  • Hello weekend gardeners,

    I badly need to do some pricking out of my seedlings this weekend. Some of them are starting to get leggy and will make very poor plants if I don't get them out of their crowded seed trays soon.

    Emma team

  • DrlloydDrlloyd Posts: 5

    it looks like it is gonna be a nice plod along weekend so far not much left to on the big job section my new kartcher jet was has saved me lots of time cleaning grenhouses and paths that usally take a full weeken but it take alot less time thank for comment gardners

  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 475

    I'm going to be admiring my new, well newish greenhouse, picked up on Gumtree, and working out where things are going to go. I already have a greenhouse but you know how it is, no matter how big it is, it is never big enough. So my lovely husband has adapted an 8 x 6 down to a 5 x 6 and squeezed it into a corner of the garden. I will be able to use it to harden my young seedlings off before going out into the garden and overwinter several large pots and it will  also be somewhere to grow my cumbers. image 

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