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Last year I bought a daisy plant from a garden centre - no name with it so I don't know which one it is. I planted it up into a large container and it spread and flowered beautifully all summer. I didn't prune it as I wasn't sure what to do. Now it just looks brown and dead. Have I lost it?


  • Hello Burtie,

    Some daisies-type plants are annuals, so they would naturally die after a few months. Many however are perennials and could live for years if hardy. Do you have any photos of it when it was looking good? If so you could post one on the forum so we could see what type it is. Many plants do die down and grow brown in the winter, but send up green shoots when weather is warmer. As you were so fond of it it would be a good idea to be patient and keep an eye out for green shoots. If you get any, then cut back the dead brown foliage to give them space to grow.

    Emma team

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