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Talkback: How to make a box ball

hi how do you get box cuttings i have few box i love them i am a beginer so dont laugh please.


  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 61

    You can take box cuttings in August to September, about 3 to 4 inch stems dipped in some rooting powder or gel if you have any, into gritty compost. by early the next year you should be able to pot them up singly. It takes about two years to get plants the size to plant out .( cut the stems just under a leaf and remove the bottom few leaves or take heel cuttings, I usually do a few of both and just keep them in a unheated greenhouse and most take)

  • cloud8cloud8 Posts: 103

    what is a heel cutting please?

  • Hello cloud8,

    The method for taking heel cuttings is described here. The project is about lavender but the principle is the same. A heel is the base of a stem, where it joins the main stem.

    It's worth giving it a try - as jeffd says, it doesn't matter if a few fail.

    Emma team

  • shazzza1shazzza1 Posts: 14

    hi jeffd thanks you, i shall try thatimage

  • Alex9Alex9 Posts: 4
    Can you give me some advice on sizing of containers for box balls. I have recently bought 2 x 26cms plants and the pots I like measure 32cms at the top(plant pot shape) and are approx. 45cms high.
  • Alex9Alex9 Posts: 4
    I have recently bought two 26cms box balls. I have also bought two pots for them. The top measures 32cms and they are approximately 42cms in height. Is this sizing ok for the size of plant ?
  • Ryan LloydRyan Lloyd Posts: 395

    Shazzza1 - Please don't ever think that any of us will laugh, we certainly won't. There's no such thing as a stupid question on here, sometimes I ask question, which I think are stupid, but they're honestly not image



    I made two like this (either side of the door) from cuttings I took myself.

    For a trimming guide I bent a couple of pieces of galvanised wire into a circular shape, stuck them in the pot and trimmed the initial form around that.....I removed them after getting the rough shape I was looking for and now do it free-hand.

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