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plant support for crocosmia lucifer

Hi all

This is my first post on here - so forgive me if I am asking a tired old question...

I have a number of orange and red crocosmia in the garden and they are gorgeous and abundant - but they do tend to fall over when heavy or reaching out of corners to get some sunshine (they are planted all round my garden and happy in all corners). I know there are nice metal thingy-majigs out there somewhere to support them and would like pointers please! I really can't justify a tremendous expense as I have many Lucifers in my garden. At present, my hubby is staking the centre of the plant and I wrap garden wire around it as it grows.... but it can look ugly and a little amateur.

I would be grateful for any tips. Thank you    



  • I know just what you mean.  I have them scattered around the garden in quite large clumps.  Plant one and you get 50! but lovely.  We also have several bamboos so have a plentiful supply of canes and my husband made me little fences about 9 - 12 inches high of horizontal rows of bamboo canes which help to support the flowers.  Hope this helps.

  • suze2902suze2902 Posts: 4

    Thank you mollycat16

    Can your hubby make me some too? image

    I will consider a bamboo fence as I think I have lots of canes in the garage.

  • Mrs SMrs S Posts: 10
    For the small ones put upside down wire hanging baskets over them before they have sprouted too much and they will grow through. My friend gave me this tip for cat mint to stop cats flattening it.
  • joannepjoannep Posts: 7

    If you have any of the old wire coat hangers, you can bend these to make your own wire hoops instead of buying the expensive one's, I learnt how to do this on Gardener's World once.

  •  simply plant amongst other plant growth, of a similar height, to provide natural support.  Another method could be the use of wind debris/small branches amongst the growth , as a natural support of adiffering kind xx

  • suze2902suze2902 Posts: 4

    Thank you everyone for your tips, the lucifers are just about 5 inches high now so I am ready to support them. I have quite a few clusters so will try the various tips and will let you know how I got on.

    I did also buy the 1/2 moon wire supports from a garden centre too (v expensive for the number I need, so only bought one set). My hubby also thinks we planted the bulbs too high - so I am going to lift and re-bury one cluster deeper.

  •   Crocosmia only needs to be planted just below the soils surface, it will spread across the ground rapidly, with time, good luck.  This is a beautiful "cottage garden" type plant xx

  • Dragon 87Dragon 87 Posts: 18

    Steel bars intended for concrete come in different diameters& can be bent by hand (if not too thick)

    Available & affordable from Building suppliers !   Will be rusty so use good gloves ,the colour blends well ... Or paint after shaping !  

    It's the same stuff thats sold but much cheaper ( cut with a hacksaw as you need it )image

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    If you have shrubs and trees that need pruning, keep the prunings and poke in the ground around the crocosmias to support them.  As they grow they will hide the twigs, works fine here. If necessary you can thread soft string around the twigs, so everything looks natural.  Do be careful though if yu use things like hawthorne, and poke it in upside down, or you could end up with a forest of hawthorne, or any other easily rooting twigs!!   As you pull the dead leaves out in the autumn the twigs will come too, and you can chop and compost the whole lot. 

  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    Lucifer needs to be divided every three years, otherwise you get congestion. This makes the splaying out worse.

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