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How to store main crop seed potatoes

How should I store my main crop seed potatoes until it is time to plant?


  • Keep them frost free and in the light; people usually set them out in trays or eggboxes to chit - that is, produce a short shoot that will grow away quickly when planted. It is a little early but they should be fine. The traditional time for planting is Good Friday, I'm told. But that's really for First Earlies.

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    I agree with landgirl but whilst keeping them in a place which is frost free make sure the place is not to warm either, heat will encourage them to think it's nearly planting out time and they could grow long and spinderly when you want short shoots.

    I keep mine in the spare bedroom, out of direct sun light, so not on the window ledge, where it can get quite warm in the sun, even on winter days and turn the radiator off. 

  • Thanks for the advice. I will set them out in trays and put them in my north facing spare room, unheated of course image

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    Sandy it is a bit early to chitt maincrop potatoes.

    First earlies should be sown in the second half of March and covered to protect from frost at night.

    Second earlies should be sown early to mid April.

    Maincrop should be sown late April or May up to May 20th.

    Best advice to is keep them cold and if they sprout too early you can take off the sprouts. This will put them back by up to 3 weeks.

    I don't chitt maincrop at all, just plant them earlier if you want an early crop.

  • Chitting operations are conducted in an un-heated attic room; fitted with east and west facing velux windows (opaque blinds are drawn). Temperatures rarely go below 5-7 Celcius, even though it's above the previously fitted loft insulation layer!! Am I right to position the trays so as to be within 2-3 feet of the large windows?

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    Dave, are you chiting already?

  • Hi, NoExpert: many of the tuber 'eyes' already had small bumps of chits showing, so I've put them upstairs, ie well away from the central heated ground floor & basement.

  • i bought seed potatoes in August to grow for christmas so it must be possible to store them for months in the right conditions and as i grew potatoes for most of the summer months by staggering the planting it must be possible to grow them for most of the year

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    Dave keep them cool or they will sprout too early on you. Unless ypu are planting in a heated GH you have 3 months to go before the earliest date to plant maincrop spuds.


    I don't have a heated GH so I can't comment on growing potatoes indoors. As I said to Dave it's 3 months too early to grow outdoors.

  • i havnt tried it No Expert but i do think its possible

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