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I have 5 trough shaped containers all needing a major overhaul. They have lots of evergreen colour = variegated ivy, thyme and hebe pinguifolia  but I need flowers to add colour preferably not bulbs but something that will last longer and not go over straight away. Thanks.


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    Chives, Creeping Thyme, Osteospermum Daisy Mae, Marigolds, Antirrhinum (Snapdragons) (Madam Butterfly are quite compact?),  Midget Blue Cornflower, Candytuft, Dianthus, Aubretia Royal Series, Limnanthes douglasii  (Poached Egg Plant) <span class="s1">Brachycome (<span class="s2">Swan River Daisy) Petunias and Polyanthus.  All of these flower prolifically (for me anyway!) are quite compact, colourful and very easy to grow from seed, some trail which is nice for pots. Most keep flowering for ages and I've deadheaded Marigolds, candytuft, cornflowers and snapdraggons and they just keep flowering until the frosts. Even got 2nd & some 3rd lot of chive flowers from deadheading - they are perrenial and edible too  image Marigolds need to be kept away from slugs and snails though until at least 5 inches high, but they seemed to flower forever with deadheading. I had Scarlet Sophie, Naughty Marietta and Spanish Brocade. Some ideas to entertian at least.  image

  • Hello mysterywoman196,

    It may seem old-fashioned, but how about pinks? if you keep dead-heading them (which is quite a pleasant job) they can produce flowers for months. If you don't like the grey foliage look, some of them come with bright green leaves. And if you think the colour pink is not right for your pots, then go for white ones. They smell great too. Have a look at James' blog on pinks for some inspiration.

    Emma team

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       How abouit removing all the plants adding new compost then split up the roots of those you removed and adding plants of your choice, or as suggested on this page

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    I've grown Brachycome Daisy mix from seed for the first time (indoors to start). They're starting well, quite delicate & leggy. Are they a trailing plant?

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