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shrub identification please







Hi moved in toa new house and have a yellow shrub which has scented small flowers, the leaves are soft mid green and almost heart shaped ,It has long pea like seed pods  does anyone know what this is ..I will try to put a picture on..


  • oh is it a Siberian pea shrub? did some researching lol and is the nearest I could find .

  • thanks Sara all I have read says it flowers in may/june which has confused me to thinking it may not be that ... mine is flowering and seeding now.

  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    As it is a native of Siberia Sue maybe it's finding our mild winter more like a Siberian summer hence it's flowering now.  I think you can cut it down lowish if it is getting too big and it will grow up again.  Interesting plant.

  • thanks I have three of them here two in flower and seed pods formed other nothing, . . . apparently they grow very fast so a cut back I think will be necessary, flowers have gorgeous fragrance and I read actually the flower and beans are edible once cooked  have to experiment haa.

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