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I am moving into a rental house and have been given permission to plant in the garden - as long as i don't alter the shape of the border.
It is a very small garden (5x2meters, tops) with borders on the sides and a small patio of a similar size.
I have decided to grow veg in pots on the patio and flowers in the border.

Can anyone give me any suggestions for all year flower/shrub colour for my garden that is easy to propagate so i can take with with me when i move out


  • Gail, would prob need to know more about north/south/east.west facing and what soil you are growing on before making any suggestions and is it dry, sunny, shady, boggy etc. Regards image

  • AliPAliP Posts: 64

    I know you say you have already decided but would it be better to grow veg in the borders and flowers in the pots. You can then take them with you when you move and as you will be harvesting the veg there will be nothing lost there either.  Just a thought.

  • Gail25Gail25 Posts: 2

    A good idea, now that you mention it

  • RainaRaina Posts: 5

     cant you grow some plants in flowerpot?  and you put the flowerpot in the garden, then you can take them to anywhere you likeimage

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