dwarf apple tree

Hi.  Could anyone please tell me how and when to prune my dwarf apple tree?  it is a double variety grafted onto a rootstock and is now in it's 4th year.  Last year, it produced hardly any blossom or fruit and the fruit it did produce was very small and poor.  any help would be greatly appreciated.  thanks


  • First of all i would cut out any dead or diseased stems and then those that are crossing each other. Cut above an outward facing bud so that the tree grows out rather than in. Also cut out any weak stems or if you can`t afford to lose them cut hard back to an outward bud. Then with what you have left you could probably leave and do a Summer prune taking the leafy stems back by about half. This will hopefully induce fruit bud for next year. Also don`t forget to feed with a high Potash feed as this will also encourage flower bud. Then mulch to hold in the moisture. Hope that helps and good luck.

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