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Why are my new raspberries not showing any  sign of life ????????????


  • gardengirl6gardengirl6 Posts: 223

    How new are they?    If you have only very recently planted them, they are probably busy putting down roots, and the leaves will follow later when they have established themselves.

  • I planted Autumn bliss last autumn and they look just like dead sticks at the moment image

  • AliPAliP Posts: 64

    sunnysarah, with the autumn fruiting raspberries you usually cut all the canes down to the ground in late winter then you should start seeing the new shoots emerging from the soil around now and these will bare this years fruit.

  • pitchroypitchroy Posts: 11

    My Autumn bliss raspberries are beginning to show signs of life after I cut them down last winter.  But the earlier ones I cut down last autumn after they fruited badly last year.  I am not happy with very little early growth.  Do you think they have had it?

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