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Cleome - garden revival

Just seen a stunning looking flower on the garden revival programme called a cleome. After a quick look they seem to be very tall 3-4 ft. So does anyone know of shorter varieties. What are opinions, are they worth growing???



  • I've grown them for two years running and they were around 3ft high, great long lasting flowers but mind the spikes! 

  • Bex2012Bex2012 Posts: 45

    I grew cleomes last year.... The plants were huge, 5ft maybe? They smelt a bit minty too... they also look a lot like cannabis plants, which worried us at first. I wouldn't grow them again, the cabbage whites loved them, and stripped all the plants of leaves, the caterpillars then moved on to other plants in the garden. They were a nice experiment, but not for me!

  • Spikes, cabbage whites, oooh I'm not sure now then!!!


    nice light Sussex anniemarshy, my farther loves his!!

  • chickychicky Posts: 10,402

    They are on my list to try this year - i will watch out for the spikesimage

  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    They are beautiful, i grew them last year, dont sow the seeds too early, i found April was the best time, unless you have a heated propagator, even then, they cant be planted out until its warm out. They do come originally from warmer climes, very rewarding though. I could not have cut them for a vase like Rachel did!

    I have saved the seeds from them for this year and they are twice the size of the ones i bought. They yeild thousands of seeds.Hoping for an even better show this year 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Are they all tall??? Any shorter types!?

  • Thanks the hens were on borrowed time, but they started laying Christmas Day so they are safe!


  • Dads have done the same, moult then tonic and just started again, they are 4 now so many people would have given up!!!! 

  • I saw the Garden Revival last night. Loved to grow cleomes this year. Put off now with the comment that cabbage whites loved them!! I had a problem with the caterpillars eating the leaves of my roases last year!!!

  • Ditto fluffy. Love butterflies etc but my garden needs to stay pest free not attract them. Anyone out there know pest free varieties???

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