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Bind weed

What's the best way of getting rid of this persistent weed please?

I've been following its trail of pure white roots and picking it all out - but before you know it, it's back!!


  • AJGAJG Posts: 1
    I would welcome advice on the same thing! We have just taken on an allotment and it's full of bind weed - question is rotavator or spade?
  • AliPAliP Posts: 64

    Are you organic or not is probably the main factor, roundup or similar systemic weedkill will certainly weaken it and with regular applications when you see more coming will go a long way to getting rid of it.  If you're organic then just keep picking out those roots and definitely don't use a rotavator else you will have 100's more little roots that will all start shooting leaves! Hope that helps.

  • chelchel Posts: 24

    I heard Bob flowerdew talking about this on a GQT one Sunday and he said he uses a blowtorch on his. I know this sounds drastic but he said it does something to the plant and kills the roots as well. I think he said you have to wait until there are good sized leaves to zap. Sorry I can't remember the exact details but I am going to try it this year when the shoots start appearing.

    Hope this helps and do take care!

  • TeabagTeabag Posts: 7

    Hi I agree Ailp Roundup is the best it kills the root but it does take a bit of time to kill them and it does not harm the ground. I`m waiting for mine to kill of as it were, I will then rotavate it all in then plant happy days, teabag!!

  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479

    I also agree, Roundup is the best. I had lots of bind weed in my garden and Roundup was the one that got rid of it, it takes a while but it does work. If I do see any popping its ugly leaves up it gets a blast of Roundup so it doesn't stay in my garden for long. Good Luck 

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