Cornus alba Sibirica in Containers

Hi everyone.  I'm so excited to have found this forum.  I'm new to gardening since last Spring and have loved every minute of my new found hobby.  In my enthusiasm, I have stripped our medium sized garden and filled it with loads of lovely new plants and shrubs but I keep find other things that I must have.  Can I grow a Cornus alba Sibirica in a container?  How big a container should I get?



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    Cornus alba grows quite wide, so would be best in the ground. But you could grow it in a large container for a year or two while you decide what to do with it. make sure you keep it watered, it hates drying out, and feed it from time to time.

    I have a golden Philadelphus in a pot which I was told would never flower. It's now 4 years old and has flowered beautifully. So, nothing venture, nothing gain.

  • I have  a alba growing very well in the ground and the yellow stem gives a 'lift' now. I also have cornu 'midwinter fire' in the ground opposite to the alba. The red, orange and yellow stems are a beauty and this appears to do well in the garden. The height of midwinter fire is abour 3'x3' in 10 yrs. so I think this could do well in a large pot.

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    A large pot would be best. Also stand it on a 'saucer' as Cornus like moisture, J.

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    Oooh, thanks so much for all your replies.  I think I'll go for it in a container, the biggest one I can find, and see how it gets on as Busy Lizzie suggested.  Fluffy Cloud, thanks - I suppose I could keep it pruned back a little too.   Love the idea of putting it in a "saucer" jo4eyes. Thanks Verdun.  I love the Choisya sundance ... it was one of the first shrubs I purchased and it's doing really well. 

  • Yes I hard prune the alba but with the midfire winter I give it a 'gentle' tidy up.

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    Fluffy Cloud - i had heard not to coppice Midwinter Fire as it is not too vigourous. But if you don't cut it back don't you lose the vibrant stem colours? I have a couple that are now in year 3, and i haven't touched them - but i thought this year i should maybe cut some of the stems on each plant right down low. Do you think that is the right thing to do?
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    Thanks Verdun - thats put me on the right track.  Would bonemeal be ok as a feed, and is it best to feed at the same time as pruning (which i think is best in March?)

    The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones ......
  • Apologies to 'chicky' for not replying..sorry. You've been looked after by Verdun. My plant is 2 years old, I've trimed back the die backs and fed it with FBB fertilizer.

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