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What animal could have made this hole?

For the second time I've found this hole in the garden.

The first time I put the soil back and really stamped the soil well down. However the hole has appeared in exactly the same place. Nothing is damaged nor are there any droppings. The hole diameter is approx. 20 cm diameter. Thanks for any help.


  • We have lots of moles in our garden but the hole looks too big to be a mole. Sounds/ looks more like a rabbit maybe?

  • It looks like maybe a rabbit to me. If it is, you can apparently save hair from your hairbrush and place it near the burrow to help deter them. Otherwise I hope it's not rats. We lived next to a small farm once and had them suddenly appear in the winter due to the birdfeeders.

  • discodavediscodave Posts: 510

    We have one the same at the bottom of our garden. Ours have foxes  in it (which is a nightmare for our rabbits) The problem with filling it in and stamping down is that they just dig it out again as they have a large network of underground tunnels to get out..

    Am planning on using ribble and bricks this time and failing that dynamite..

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