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Can't get no inspiration!


 I've got an empty space and no ideas - any suggestions? The area was overgrown with brambles and it's been dug over and the roots removed. There's a Choisya on the right and a Viburnum opulus on the left which has been hard pruned. The trellis fence is falling down and will be removed. We are looking north in the photo. The soil is alkaline and well-drained. I prefer informal to manicured. 

All thoughts welcome!



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Veg beds? My soil is pretty alkaline and the veg love it. If your veg beds are elsewhere, you could grow Globe Artichokes here which become pretty big but are very beautiful and great to eat.

  • AWBAWB Posts: 421

    Silver birches along the boundary, under planted with bluebells.Amalanchier,Exochordia and a cherry.your favourite bulbs and a bench.

  • Is it land you want to cover and not have to do much to?  It's not clear from the photo if the view is something you want to see or something you want to disguise!

  • Have you though about a pond?

  • Thanks everyone.

    Artjak, not veg - the veg garden is already established elsewhere.

    AWB, the area isn't big enough for all that - I'll go and measure it in a minute.

    Patsy and Annie, I can see the area from my kitchen window, especially in winter. It would be great if there was a bit more to look at! There might be room for one more shrub between the two existing ones. Then I guess perennials, perhaps some annuals for this year. There are probably still some bulbs along the edge near the far path. Beyond the path is the orchard - you can just see apple trees to each side. The structure beyond the fence is next door's oil tank, I don't need to see that but there are shrubs and climbers already in place. The bare area is a bit shady from trees and shrubs that are out of shot.

    Flowergirlie, I don't want a pond just now as I have small grandchildren, perhaps in a few years.

    At least I'm starting to think a bit more constructively now!


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    A winter garden? Cornus? Other shrubs that have good Autumn colour?

  • Lion SLion S Posts: 263

    How about a Hamamelis, underplanted with Cyclamen coum; or maybe a Garrya elliptica and some  ornamental grasses? Bulbs for Spring colour. Would look very nice with the Choisya.

  • I like the idea of a winter garden! The Viburnum opulus does colour up (assuming it survives the hard pruning!) and the Choisya is evergreen, so that's a good start. Some Cornus for stem colour might be nice. Doesn't Hamamelis need acid soil?

    I've measured and the space is roughly quadrant-shaped, one straight side is 5.2 metres and the other is 4.2 metres.

    I've just remembered the Winter Garden at Anglesey Abbey. I think there are a lot of hellebores there as well, might have to go on an expedition to check it out.

    Would you recommend putting in some stepping stones or something for access to the middle? (I don't need to cross it to get anywhere).

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Stepping stones to the middle with a bird feeding system there?

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