growing winter onions

hi, do winter onions like fertilised soil????? if so i have well rotter chicken manure is this any good or shall i buy some fertiliser? also should i cover the onions?


  • when you say dont put the manure too near them  does that mean i should rotavate the manure in???? as currently it is on the surface.

  • Think it would be best to dig the manure in. I plant mine at the allotment where there are plenty of pidgeons who like to eat them. I hang old cds on a low washing line and this does put some of them off.

  • ok brilliant thanks for your help image

  • Last week I dug my onion  patch (previously potatoes) and added compost. I read somewhere that onions don't like manure so have always used compost.  Anyway I lightly trod it over after composting, sprinkled the surface with growmore and gently raked it in. I intend to plant out my onion sets after the weekend so the ground has had a bit of a rest and the growmore has begun to activate.  I have done this several years running and it seems to work well. Hope this helps

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    Is it just winter ones that don't like manure? I have horses and I spread the old manure heap (1 year old) onto the garden in autumn. Then in spring in the veg garden I rotavate it all in before planting. This year the summer onions had lots and they were enourmous. I don't grow winter onions.

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