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Need help with Forum techie stuff

I have just changed my email address in my settings, it says I have to 'validate'. I click on it to send to my new email address, nothing has appeared yet. So it says having trouble, click here and enter validate number. WHAT NUMBER! ARRGHH!.

I cannot see my messages now because of these 'validate' thing!


  • have you had an email from GW with a validation number

  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949
    You should get an email from GW with a number on it.

    There might be a delay in it hitting your email inbox but be sure to also check your email spam bin.
  • mark if you have a brand new email address, sometimes they don't start working until you have sent an email from the account. If you have already tried that, it might just be a delay on the GW side.

  • hi all, panic over. I gave the extension as .com instead of, DOH!

    Growing plants is much simpler. All set up now!image

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