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starting gladioli bulbs

In last night's episode of GW, Monty briefly referred to starting summer-flowering bulbs in pots now. I think he said to transplant around end of April. I wonder if anyone can expand on this? Would it be a good way to start gladioli bulbs, rather than keep them hanging around in trays for another 6 weeks? Am I correct in thinking that the idea is to gently transplant the started bulbs - or should I just plunge the pots? I guess I could re-run the episode on iPlayer - but the item was very brief and disn't have much detail. Would be an ideal approach for me this year as I am starting a mixed border with bought-in plants in April.

Any tips / advice appreciated


  • Ive started off both my begonias and dahlias now in compost in green house. My glads ive left in as a trial(could regret it) I would start em off now and if a frost is forecast cover with fleece

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