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correct way to water

Being a gardner,groundsman,nurseryman for the past 24 years I was always taught that when you water using a can you always start away from the tray or pot that you are going to water and work your way across the containers and when you are finished watering you move the can away from the containers before stopping the flow from the rose. This is to prevent the larger droplets dispersing the seeds as you start and finish watering and gives you an even distibution of water. I have watched many gardening programmes and this doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I know its only a small thing but everytime I see this being done I find myself screaming at the TV you're doing this wrong. Am I missing something here


  • With the vast experience you have i would stick with your way. Every gardener has there own ways. I have had massive problems with damping off this year, and have adjusted the way i water. I know there is always new techinques coming out but ill stick with what works for me.

  • del 12del 12 Posts: 21

    when was at college 10 years ago we were trained to do same start one side work across and end the other of the tray and followed this through everytime now runing my own gardening firm it has all ways worked best for me find myself the same screaming at tv when not done this way

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